Samsung Galaxy Note 5 The Next Big Upcoming Launch

Samsung is a popular Smartphone company and is well known for its high-end gadgets. The galaxy note series has two upcoming versions. Samsung is among the top Smartphone companies. Customers can expect high quality from the company. There are many rumours going on about Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the note 4 has not been released yet.

Release date

There are no official announcements from Samsung yet. But there are lots of rumours going on about the Smartphone. The expected date is to be held in 2015. According to the previous launches, there is no track of dates for the launch of the Samsung note. Because the release of Note 4 is still pending we cannot expect Galaxy Note 5 release date any way near. We will have to show patience till the announcements or any other accurate announcements about the release date.

Features of the note

 It is believed that the galaxy note five is going to have some impressive features. Those who don’t like notes will definitely want to have one.  According to the rumours, the new launch can also be the next flagship of the company. There are many unique features that we can expect in the new launch

 Wireless charging

 Wireless charging is getting more and more popular these days. People are really impressed with this technology and are now expecting this technology in their notes and Smartphone. Samsung the Korean giant is not at all going to disappoint you. We might see wireless technology in Samsung Galaxy Note 5. It is certainly going to be a great deal for customers.

More battery life

Smartphone users have to struggle with battery life. We have heard that the company is going to let us have ten times better battery life this time. There is no doubt that the company is making an effort to make advice that has good battery life. The battery is always compromised by these companies. But this time they might have solved the problem. The note will come with two full days of battery life. If it is the case it is going to be the headline of the year of the launch. Download Battery Saver for better performance.

4K display

 It is suggested that the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 will have a 4K screen. It is going to have massive pixel density thus will enhance your experience. Samsung is making new plans on display. The design of the note is also going to be different.  Users are definitely going to have a nice experience using this note.

 Price of the note

 There are no announcements regarding the price of the Samsung Galaxy Note 5.  After observing the rumours and specifications, it is likely going to be an expensive note. There are three models available and each of them is going to vary in terms of price. They have different storage capacities. The price of the different variants is going to vary a little. If you are looking forward to updating your note then this is one better option you will have to wait for. It is going to ease your life as there are so many high-end features in the note.

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