Features Of Smartphone That Are A Must!

Advancement of technology is the masterstroke of the generation today. It has not only evolved the new machines or device that we ought to use daily, but has also upgraded our living standards. Likewise, smart phone is a gift that technology has invented for our convenience. Surviving with a smart phone in today’s world is nothing less than a task. We all need smartphone to stay updated and connected with what is happening around. It has replaced everything and joined it all into itself. From newspaper to TV streaming, movies to booking tickets, from personal conversations to professional conferences, almost everything could be done via smartphones. However, these benefits could be best experienced if you have the right smartphones. The market of smartphones is the red ocean market where multiple brands fight with each other to get greater market place than others. In this race, you must make sure that you know which smart phone would suit you the best. 

Here are some tips for you best android phone to buy now guide and features that are must in smartphones and could help you in making your purchase.

Battery life

The most required feature of any smartphone would be its battery life. It is a crucial feature because people tend to spend most time in their phone and low battery notification is horrifying. A smartphone with a long running battery life uplifts the value of a smart phone. Fast charging is like an add-on to it. Mara Phones new launches offer 50% charging in 30 minutes that could be so convenient for you and fit in your routine so perfectly.


Phones have replaced the cameras now. The in-built camera is so efficient that clicking beautiful via phone is the easiest task. While purchasing a smart phone, you must check the specifications of the camera. Mara Phones offers portrait mode that enhances your pictures with a 13MP camera. Even when you buy new android phones, these features could be offered to you because phones could now offer good camera at a lower price.


As its said ‘First impression is the last impression’, it is very essential to have an attractive phone in your hand. Looks and display matters a lot. Buying a phone with an appealing and big display is a checklist point while you buy a smart phone. It is a status symbol for people and everyone would want to present themselves classier.

Storage space

Another important feature that you must keep in mind while you are purchasing a smartphone is storage space. As already said, smartphones carry everything in them. You have so much data to store in your phones, however, a low storage space would not only restrict you from saving data in your phone but your phone would starting getting hang when there is more data in it than it can carry.

Security and locks

Security is very crucial for everyone. Buying and phone and storing so much data in it could be risky if not secure. Features like face recognition and fingerprint sensor are very important aspects that you must consider before buying a smart phone. It enables you to secure your data from leakage.

These are the basic features that you must consider before you buy a smart phone. Spending your money in the right place is the best decision and right strategy of purchasing any product.

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