Apple MacBook Air 2015 Retina Display Releasing In Early 2015

Earlier this year Apple launched its MacBook Air 2014 and it got a decent start by getting early stock out. This MacBook Air is still hitting the market but rumours are coming for the release of MacBook Air 2015. Users love this product for its unique sleek design and light weight look. Anyone can use it while traveling due to its very less weight. Its smaller version used to weight around 1.08 KG only. Buyers are expecting that in the next version Apple will be able to lose some weight.

Apple MacBook Air 2015 with Retina Display

Apple always worked hard to give best display on its devices. In 2008 Apple launched its first MacBook Air with 1280 × 800 resolution display which was best in class at that time. At that MacBook Air used to weight around 1.4 Kg. So delivering the best display without compromising the without compromising the weight is huge success in itself. After that in late 2010 Apple launched its MacBook Air in three variants 11 inch and 13 inch. They were having the display of 1366 × 768 and 1440 × 900 respectively. And people liked that innovative thinking of Apple. This time it is rumoured that Apple will come three size variants which will be 11 inch, 12 inch and 13 inch.

Apple will also make one important change in display. This time it will display Retina display in all three size variants. However there will be a slight difference in all three of them. It is rumoured that the 13.5 inch size variant will come with 2560×1600 resolution. If Apple delivers this display without incrementing the weight of MacBook Air then it will give a huge bonus to users for purchasing upcoming model.

Other Specs (A quick Look) 

With the first MacBook Air, Apple worked hard to give a stylish look to this product. And it is able to get it through its glossy look. MacBook Air always catches the eye balls due to glossy look. A bright silver colour premium logo of Apple acts as bonus in the design. It is expected that Apple will not make any big difference in the design for upcoming MacBook Air 2015. And they will stick it with the policy of making a eco-friendly product.

In terms of Hardware it is expected that Apple will upgrade the clock speed of processor to 2 GHz and it will also upgrade share L3 cache to 4 MB. Apart from this there will be no change in the RAM. An upgrade will also take place in the Graphics. It is rumoured that MacBook Air 2015 will feature Intel 5300 graphics to enhance gaming experience.

Apple MacBook Air 2015 Expected Release Date 

According to the old tradition of launching one MacBook Air each year, it is expected that Apple will release its next MacBook Air Retina in the mid-2015. Rumours are coming that it will release in the month of May 2015. So it is almost confirmed that Apple MacBook Air 2015 will come in the market before July 2015.

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