How To Maximize Your Twitter Experience

Most people know what Twitter is. It is a short-messaging service, limiting individual updates to no more than 140 characters. When it emerged on the scene early in the new millennium, a lot of people didn’t know what to make of it. Today, Twitter is an essential ingredient in business marketing, which can help you stand out in a sea of competitors. Here’s how to maximize your Twitter experience.

Get active. Having a Twitter account is one thing, but determining to become active with it is something entirely different. As with other social media sites, your participation sets the tone for your success. Endeavour to use Twitter daily, even if you must limit your participation to 10 to 15 minutes each day.

Revise your profile. Your profile tells people something about you and will be regularly inspected by other Twitter users. Chances are you have gotten to know some of your followers and other participants by visiting their profiles and clicking on the link to their websites. Speaking of links, is yours listed? Also, does your profile give everyone a good picture of what you’re all about?

Welcome new followers and interact with the old. Twitter is a community and a fast-growing one at that. By now, you may have figured that a lot of people extend their influence by purchasing followers. This is frowned upon because it unnaturally grows the network but does so at the expense of valuable interaction. It is better to interact with those you know and reach out to people with similar interests. Your business competitors and future customers are on Twitter. You can’t afford to let work opportunities slip by.

Develop a posting plan. Because messages are so short, there isn’t a lot that goes into making them. Then again, you need to make every word, indeed every character work for you — you have little room for error. Further, the number of characters you use should be limited to about 119 to allow people to retweet and comment on what you shared. Tweeting is one thing, but if you study the “tweet activity” or analytics — you’ll benefit immensely from how people engage and learning what interests them.

Make use of pictures. Twitter now allows users to include up to three photos with their posts. Adding photos takes away from the number of characters you use, but the impact on tweeting is enormous. Use only photos that are clear, interesting, funny or informative. Track your work to determine how well these photos perform. You may discover that your traffic increases sharply, especially when utilizing carefully chosen photos that others find fascinating.

Link your social media accounts. Did you know that when you update on Facebook, that same information can show up on Twitter? But only if connect the two accounts. You should also know that Twitter will abbreviate long Facebook posts, but by connecting the two, you can extend your reach. You can also tweet to Twitter and see those updates on Facebook.

Consider Periscope. A program called Periscope provides a great way for people to connect on Twitter. It works like YouTube, but it allows you to post videos to Twitter. As you might imagine, a Twitter connection can make your videos go viral. Consider how best to make this work for you.

Maximizing Your Twitter Use

Twitter is an essential tool, one you may need help getting the most from. Many business owners use it as an extension of their overall marketing plan. Therefore, they’ll tap the services of their search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to help them with it

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