How To Advance Twitter For Your Business

Using Twitter can complement your SEO efforts. Besides enabling you to connect with the broader community, Twitter can help you raise your overall visibility, much in the same way that icing dresses a cake. Here’s how to advance Twitter for your business this year.

1. Focus on your field. Twitter is a jungle. Or at least it seems that way. Twitter is one of the noisiest social media platforms and it is for that reason that some people shy away from it. However, if you concentrate on your field, you will connect with other like-minded people and keep your influence targeted as it should be.

2. Establish your strategy. Why are you using Twitter? The answer to this question should be straightforward. For example, “I’m using Twitter to engage with my customers.” It is important that you determine your strategy and stick with it. Related to the first point, there is so much noise on Twitter — staying on a point will help you reach your goals without distraction.

3. Use photos with your tweets. Extend the usefulness of your tweets by including photos as much as possible. Related photos go beyond eye candy — they’re more likely to grab the attention of others and be retweeted and liked. Twitter is all about analytics — how many impressions, retweets and likes you receive. Use photos of an appropriate size, typically under 1000 px and served in .jpg, .gif or .png formats. Larger photos are automatically rejected, so resize and crop as needed.

4. Hashtags are king. Twitter gives you up to 140 characters to use. Endeavour to use no more than 119 as the 21 extra characters allow others to retweet without modifying your work. Also important is to make use of hashtags, representing keywords that are important to you. Such keywords are searched by others on Twitter and will draw people’s attention to your tweets like nothing else. Limit your hashtags to two and no more than three per tweet. Include too many and you’ll overwhelm your audience.

5. Share your Twitter handle. Every Twitter user has a handle (or name) that they’ll be identified with. It is important that you use your handle outside of Twitter, including on other social media platforms such as Facebook, in your email signature, or wherever else you are active on and offline. Make it easy for people to find you, friend you and allow you to reciprocate.

6. Be a good listener. Read tweets and become very active in following your industry. Share your own tweets nearly half as much as you retweet or like other pages. Study your industry, share the appropriate comments, and participate in conversations. So-called “Twitter chats” held at set times per week or spontaneously can raise your visibility.

7. Tweet at the right time. When is the best time to tweet? That’s an answer Twitter people have been searching for and in some ways are still seeking. As for reaching your audience, tweeting during your normal business hours is the best approach. However, if your audience is broader — such as nationwide — tweeting for each time zone is the best approach. You can share the same exact tweet or modify it slightly to keep it original.

Better Business Ideas

If you’re not getting from Twitter everything you put into it, then it may be time to work with an SEO/social media professional who knows how to get the work done explains Twitter, along with Facebook, Google Plus, Instagram, and LinkedIn can raise your company’s visibility and bring in new customers.

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