Google Might Take Your Opinion To Decide Name Of Android ‘N’ With Favourite Dessert

Android fans were eagerly waiting to know the Google’s next android next generation “Android-N” name. You will be happy to know that at this time it might happen that Google will conduct online polls to name their next generation android OS version.

In a recent interview, the CEO of Google Sundar Pichai revealed that “In case, a good number of people voted for an Indian dessert that could very well be the OS name”.

As we all know that preceding versions of android OS is also named after desserts like

  • D-Donut,
  • E-Éclair,
  • G- Gingerbread,
  • Ice Cream Sandwich,
  • J- Jelly Bean,
  • K-Kitkat,
  • L-Lollipop,
  • M- Marshmallow.

Till so far, the following names have been suggested across the globe to name Google-N:

  • Android Nutella
  • Android Nankhatai (Indian dessert)
  • Android Nougat
  • Android Nerds
  • Android Nut Roll
  • Android Napolean
  • Android Nut Brittle
  • Android Neenish Tart
  • Android Nanaimo bar
  • Android Nutrageous

There is long list of more choices as there are so many desserts which have their name with starting letter N. So tell us which names you will choose for your next android OS, leave your comment below if you want our choice to be next version.

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