What You Need To Do Before Starting A Podcast?

Podcasting is not a small industry anymore. Some of the biggest influencers and content creators in modern times are starting podcasts and reaching their audience. 

Podcasts are very important in digital marketing these days. In such times, it is no surprise to see many digital marketers and budding content creators jumping on the bandwagon. The long-form style of typical podcasts is catching on tremendously across different demographics. People are responding to audio content with the same excitement and appreciation as they did with text and video. 

The obvious advantage of audio content is that it can be consumed by a listener while doing another activity. Both text and video require the physical and mental attention of a consumer, but not audio. 

As podcasts as a form of content gain popularity, marketers and creators will flock to the medium. There is, for now, no clear set of guidelines for interested people to create podcasts. 

In this article, we seek to help interested digital marketers or anyone else interested in making podcasts by suggesting three essential things to do before starting a podcast. 

Do the Basics Right 

Before starting a podcast, the beginner must get the basics right. This includes the following –

  • Choose a good name and niche

Since podcasting is still a relatively new field in India, there are many top fields that are not dominated by any particular podcast. This represents a great opportunity for content specialists to jump in and dominate a large field. Unlike choosing a blog niche which is a painstaking task due to the competition, a podcast niche is easier to choose. 

Along with a niche, the beginner must come up with a good name. 

  • Set Up Intro and Exit Music/Message

Like radio show hosts, podcasters like to start their podcasts with a small and short music intro. 

This is done to ease the listener into the podcast. While a beginner can be unique and not have any music or message at all, it is still advisable to have some form of intro to give the listener to settle in. 

Get Podcast Equipment

The next obvious step in the process is to get equipment to record a podcast. Beginners make the mistake of recording their podcasts on the voice recorder on their smartphone. If the podcast is recorded a smartphone, it eventually shows in the sound quality. 

The important podcasting equipment a beginner must have her –

  • Microphone
  • Sound editing software
  • Additional equipment for guests

That’s all a person needs to start podcasting. A quiet room also helps in recording a podcast. 

 Get Podcast Hosting 

Podcasting hosting is essential to make sure a podcast is easily discoverable across different audio platforms. A good hosting option would help a podcaster create an RSS URL of the podcast to simplify publishing on platforms like iTunes, Spotify, Google, and many more.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers three podcasting essentials every beginner must do before pressing the record button 

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