XNSPY Android MonitoringApp: A Reliable Pick for Monitoring Android Users

There are a few apps that deserve special applause and one of them is XNSPY for its easy and affordable monitoring solution. This app can be used to monitor kids or employees.

All you need to do is to install it onto the device that you want to monitor. And that’s it. The app has special monitoring features and different ways to monitor. Let’s take a closer look at this app:

A Few But Powerful Features

This app has a library of features that makes this app a standout performer. Though, unlike other android monitoring apps, XNSPY has a few (25+) but worthy features. Take a look:

  • Smart Watchlist alerts for instant notifications. Not many apps provide instant notifications, bringing down the very basic reason for monitoring someone’s smartphone simply obsolete. XNSPY makes sure the entire monitored user’s activity is reaching you timely. For example, if your kid is sexting with some stranger, you need to know about it without any delay, so that nothing goes wrong. This way you can save your kid from revealing private information to some stranger.
  • XNSPY Dashboard for on-the-go monitoring. The essence of real-time monitoring goes in vain if you are stuck to your desktop or laptop for doing that. XNSPY lets your monitor anywhere and anytime with its XNSPY Dashboard app. You can install this app onto your smartphone and use it to monitor just like you can do from your computer’s internet browser.
  • Monitor Phone logs, instant Messengers and Multimedia. With XNSPY on someone’s phone, you can monitor their phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries. Instant messenger apps that can be monitored include Facebook, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Skype and Kik. You can view multimedia from the IM apps, and also from the phone’s storage.
  • Remote Control for more control. Many parental control apps ask for remote access to the kids’ devices so as to intervene rightly during precarious times. If you are out and your kid is watching pornography in your absence, you can simply lock their device from your smartphone with XNSPY Dashboard. You can also wipe data from the monitored phone’s storage, in case it’s lost or stolen.


XNSPY isn’t only available for monitoring android devices; you can also monitor all iOS jailbreak or NoJailbreak devices. For Android, the target device needs to be running OS 2.3 or higher. For iOS, you need an iPhone, iPad or iPod that’s running iOS 6 or higher.

Unfortunately, Windows Phone or Blackberry users would have to resort to some other monitoring software because for now, XNSPY is just a bit too specific about android and IOS devices.


With its decent set of features, XNSPY comes in very affordable, starting at just $8.33/month for the basic android and iOS Jailbreak versions. The premium versions are available for $12.49/month. XNSPY is no doubt the most affordable android monitoring app.

XNSPY is fast, easy and powerful monitoring software. It’s not the best app out there, but considering not many parents and startups can afford to invest a big amount in smartphone monitoring, it’s the best affordable option.

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