Reasons For Using Stealth PC Monitoring Software In The Office

Monitoring software will not just help employers track the internet use of their workers. There are many benefits to having that software in play during working hours. In fact, it can be used to protect employees as well as the business as a whole. Stealth PC monitoring software is not detectable by employees and offers the following benefits.

Tracks Workplace Bullies 

It is possible to track the emails sent via the office system, and who they are sent to. This is a great way to keep a track of workplace bullies. Emails are not the only things that need to be tracked. It is possible to check social media accounts and other internet users to make sure all employees are working fairly with one another.

Any type of harassment in the office is a serious offence. It affects the way others work and could lead to lawsuits that you really do not want to deal with after someone leaves.

Learn the Time Eaten Away 

Social media sites zap productivity, along with other pastimes like video and gaming sites. You may not even realise just how much time is eaten away, and you know that time is money. The monitoring software will help you see just how the internet and computers are used on a daily basis. You can check for any software downloaded, or any software used on a regular basis as well as internet use.

Once you know the time spend online, you can determine the time that is eaten away. This will then tell you the money wasted by employees. However, do remember that some of this time will be spent during your employees’ free time.

Ensure Data Protection 

Employees can use the data gathered by the company for their own personal gain. They could be leaking it to the press, or sending it to rival companies. Either is damaging to the business, but it can be very hard to know who is doing it. With stealth monitoring services, you can quickly determine the person sending the information, and you have all the proof. This will allow you to act quickly to make sure information is not sent out and the employee is dealt with.

The only other—much harder—method of doing this is to give people the wrong information. Giving them different incorrect information will help you locate the person who is leaking documents effectively.

Tracking the Time that People are in the Office 

Some will add time to their timesheet without actually being in. This is because they want to be paid for the hours that they work. Instead of wondering whether they are honest, you can use the monitoring software to tell you. It tracks the time that they are logged into their computer. Just a few minutes over the course of a year will soon add up!

Monitoring your employees may seem sneaky, but stealth PC monitoring software is effective for productivity in the company. You’re not only checking that they’re doing their work. You can monitor the bullying in the workplace, and make sure that they are tracking their own time properly.

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