Understanding Web Design Psychology: What The Visitors Truly Want

What goes on in a visitor’s mind? Think of yourself as the visitor on a website. What would you like to see? In today’s world, it is not just about the pretty web design, but it is more about the information that you get online. As a visitor, you are not interested in complex design but your focus is on informative content.

In this post, we will talk about web design psychology. What is it that your target audience wants to see? 

Let’s find that out! 

Why Should You Change Your Game Plan 

For starters, the competitors in the business are one step ahead of you. They are doing everything to make their game strong. The focus is on human psychology! Your website is not going too far without keeping the target audience in the mind. Web designers have started embracing human psychology-based web designs to attract the target audience. 

Guess what? It works like a charm! 

What does web design psychology mean? It simply means that the designer will use a design that the audience would like! It is like reading the mind of the visitor and designing the site that they would love to visit. 

How to design the website as per human psychology

Firstly, you need to choose a color for your website or brand. Stick with one color! Different colors have different meanings. If you are choosing the red color, it radiates an energetic vibe. It could also mean anger or passion! The website should resonate with the emotions of the visitors. For example, You are using the color pink for a tampon eCommerce website. Blue or yellow may not be a perfect choice. If you are an herbal tea website, red may not be the best color. Opt for hues of green or blue in this case. 

The right choice of colors gives comfort to the viewers. It should not be too bright or jarring! 

Secondly, you must use high-quality images to attract customers. People are often attracted to images rather than text. The visitor may not remember the text but they recall the images. If you are selling phones, make sure the photographs that you portray on the website are of top quality. This way the prospective buyers would know that the camera of the phone may be excellent! 

Thirdly, you must use white space. It is powerful because nobody likes a cluttered website. Consider white space as a breathing space. Readers are never going to skim through a long paragraph! 

Takeaway Advice

You created the website for the target audience. If it is ABOUT them then putting in extra effort to make the website user-friendly will be a good idea. Make sure you follow all the above-mentioned tips. 

This will help you build trust and the readers will keep pouring in! 

Web design psychology works quite well and many designers are using it to create successful websites. 

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