Digital Signage Content: Tips For Designers

Digital signage has many benefits. Some of these include sales at the point of purchase, reduction of long term costs, enhancement of customer experience, brand building etc.

However, enjoying these benefits requires creation of highly effective content. Regardless of the digital signage technology deployed, content has a greater role to play if you are to see results with your digital signage campaign. In this piece, we take a look at 3 simple ideas that will help in the creation of a truly effective digital signage solution.

Design is important

Clear images will always bring in better results that complex ones. This is because the latter will only draw attention away from your core message.  You need to ensure the text in the content is readable and that the images have the right aspect ratio. Digital signage goes beyond communicating with your audience at a glance. Therefore it is important to pay attention to how close the viewers will be to the sign and how long you expect them to look at the message. This will play a role in your choice of fonts, text colours, etc.

A Call-to-Action is a must

Without calls-to-actions, you will not be able to convert your viewing customers into customers. When your audience sees the message you are passing across, what do you expect them to do? A good tip when designing digital signage content is to use words like buy, download, sign, etc. at least twice in any message you intend to display. This way, you can be able to convert your audience to customers. Calls to actions also offer you the opportunity to judge the success of your campaigns.

Keep the design very simple

The best digital signage content is one that has a short play time and also has a message that is precise and easy to understand. All you need to focus on are important bits of information like dates, places, QR codes, phone numbers, etc. Anything more and you may be overloading the viewers.  Make sure you at least deliver one key message. Most importantly, don’t forget to offer the audience alternative ways of getting additional information on any message that must be displayed on any of your digital signage boards.  Here is a look at moredigital signage design ideas for web designers.

The ideas covered here can be easily put to use when designing any digital signage campaigns. With these suggestions, your content will be more engaging and it will be easier for you to get the results you desire from your digital signage solution.

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