Top 5 Sites To Promote Your Videos

You can’t upload a video on the internet and then sit back and wish upon a star to make your content go viral. Contrary to popular perception, garnering those views, likes and shares on your online videos can be achieved with the thorough implementation of a few smart tips. This guide to video marketing spells out the importance of positioning your videos in the right manner and on the right platforms in order for it to reach out to the widest base of your target audience. Here are the top five social media sites that serve as ideal platforms for video promotions.


Think online videos, think YouTube. The site that accounts from maximum number of online video uploads, and boasts of millions of viewers and users, should definitely rank on top of your list for uploading and promoting videos online. If you are in this for the long haul, you can even consider setting up your own YouTube channel. You also have the option to purchase your views, but before you take that recourse it is crucial to understand the benefits vis-à-vis the risks fully.


Vimeo may be no YouTube in terms of its popularity and user base, but it is definitely a promising platform for those exploring the genre of online videos seriously. The video-based site matches the professionalism of LikendIn and comprises a closed community of like-minded professionals and amateurs who share the passion of creating high-quality video content.


The most popular social networking site that has been giving its competitors a run for money should definitely be on your list for online video promotions. With the recent autoplay feature introduced by the social networking giant to make videos more eye-catching and easier to play, promoting videos on Facebook is now easier and more effective than before. As long as you have something informative, entertaining, inspirational or awe-inspiring to share with your audience, Facebook is the right place to attract organic traffic to your online video content.


With over 20 billion videos and pictures being shared by 400 million active users worldwide every month, Instagram is definitely the next big online destination for promoting and sharing your video content. The key to making your content visible on this busy milieu of content is to keep it relevant, interesting and in sync with the popular user trends on the social networking platform.


Taking cues from the growing predominance of videos in online content, the microblogging site has also made way for the inclusion of videos and video links in Tweets. To get the best out of video promotions on Twitter, make sure you use the site’s native video player for sharing content and the video thumbnail option to instantly grab your followers’ attention and persuade them to not only play your videos but also retweet them. Since brevity is the essence of this site, keeping your videos crisp and short is definitely a plus. However, it is not a prerequisite.

While the platform you choose to share promote your videos and has a significant impact on how well your content is received by the audience, the most important thing is to have faith in your work and let your videos take the centre stage.

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