Tips For Selling Old iPhone 7 For Best Returns And Ensured Safety

The iPhone X is out and if you have missed iPhone 8 or 9, you would definitely like to sell your old iPhone 7 for this amazing new devices. Selling the old phone will automatically subsidize the purchase of a new phone as iPhone 7 is still one of the best devices available. The phone has good quality and possesses immense resale value. Time is one of the very important factors in the resale businesses and the more you lose it the lesser amount you will get when you sell the phone. Whenever the new iPhone series model is launched, there is depreciation in the value of the older models.

Hence being preoccupied with the thought “how to sell my iPhone 7”, and start to act now! You can exchange your iPhone for some new phone (including iPhone X) or can just sell it if you have a backup phone.

What you need to do before you actually sell your iPhone 7

You might be using your iPhone 7 for both professional as well as personal tasks, and hence your phone stores immense valuable data which you might not like to lose. You would also like to make the phone safe and good-looking before selling it so that you get a good price for it. Hence before selling the phone, you need to:

  • Backup all the data and files: you can back up all the data and files present on your iPhone 7 at the Apple cloud storage (the iCloud service) or at any other storage platform including Google Drive.
  • Logout of all the application
  • Turn off the security application “find my iPhone”
  • Erase and clean the phone so that it does not contain any data files and applications other than what was installed originally on the phone.  
  • You can also restore the iPhone 7 to its old and original state by going in the “settings” section.
  • Clean the phone by using mobile cleaning solution/liquid. Clean the camera, back panel, display, and other parts of the phone that are exposed to the naked eye.
  • Do not use the phone any further after cleaning it, and erasing all its data.

Tips to follow for selling your iPhone 7

The best solution of the “how to sell my iPhone 7issue is selling your old iPhone 7 is by using the internet as a business exchange medium. There are multiple websites now that specifically run in this segment and deal with the sale/resale/purchase of new and old phones. Here is a brief outline of the process.

  •  Browse the internet and find a few credible and suitable websites that would like to buy your phone.
  • Enter all the information required on the website page. You will have to enter details of the condition of the camera, display panels, and other parts of your iPhone 7.
  • Once the website approves your phone, it will quote a price for it.
  • The website may also have its own App through which it would like to judge and test the condition of your phone. You will have to download and run this application on your phone.
  • If you are satisfied with the price you will agree to the phone resale.
  • You will have to send your iPhone 7 to the address provided by the website. Pack the phone carefully before mailing it.
  • The website will transfer the money to your bank account directly, may give you with a bank cheque, or may also pay you through PayPal.
  • Some websites may offer you an exchange deal where they will give to you a new phone of your liking in exchange of your old iPhone 7. You will also have to pay a small amount of money.

You will be able to sell your old iPhone 7 by following this brief guide. Timely upgrade of Smartphones and mobile devices is very important as you can really enjoy the new features and make use of the new facilities provided by the phones.

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