5 Trends Of Website Designs To Embrace In 2018

Staying with the trends is the key to unlocking digital success, with the world nowadays moving at a faster rate, many trends come and go. But, some are bound to stay for years, and here, in this post, we have a comprehensive gallery for trends in the website designs space. So, scroll down and check them all:

Be Plain, Be Straight

Gone are those days when we are fascinated by a fancy website, a business website that opens up in style, and a link brings about a new magic. Today, Internet users love to browse websites, that are plain and straightforward. The best part of such websites is that these websites load faster compared to a normal website, and it is easy to hop from one page to another.  Here, you need to hire a reliable web designs agency like We Are Polar to thoroughly guide the trend to adopt in order to transform your website into an online store.

Drop Shadow Designs

Dropping shadow is not a new thing, earlier it was popular in the printing industry, and now its footprints are being followed by the online website designing sector. Today, shadows have become a staple for creativity, with the variations in designs increasing day by day. With parallax and grids website layouts, website designers nowadays are exploring the ocean of possibilities of the shadows to add more depth and have a feeling of being beyond the screen.

Vibrant & Saturated Colour Scheme

2018 is a perfect year for vivid colours to add more life to any website. Though most designers are still playing it safe when comes to colours, vibrant & saturated colour scheme is the future. Today, the designs from the house of We Are Polar have become more courageous than ever to come up with vibrant shades at the crucial areas of a website. Over the years, this trend has been helped by advancements in the technological world, with monitors and screens of smart screens promoting rich colours. Many top e-commerce stores have embraced vibrant and ever-clashing colour schemes to foster their potential consumer base into buying something.

Particle Background

This is an ideal solution for all the video performance running in the background of a website. The lightweight javascript keeps website visitors entrained. The best thing about these javascript is that they don’t take time to load. Since an image speaks more than a thousand words; it is a trend worth trying in 2018. So, in simple words, you can create a memorable image of your brand in the minds of your potential consumer base in just a few seconds.

Mobile Friendly

With the smartphone in just about every pocket, the mobile-friendly website is the need of your hour. Today, you just can’t succeed by ignoring the large base of mobile users. So, you need to invest in here to boost your leads & sales.

In the end, all the above trends are great, but you can pick any of these from We Are Polar or others as per your expectations.

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