Movavi Video Editor Review

Looking to edit your videos to make them stand out and impress others? Whether you want to improve the quality of your holiday video, create a video guide, or even just add transitions to a video slide show – the Movavi Video Editor is a comprehensive video editing software that is capable of all that, and then some.

With this software, you’ll find an entire collection of features at your fingertips. Its capabilities include:

  • Trimming,Cutting and Combining Video Segments

If you want to slice an existing video clip into multiple segments so you can rearrange them, or trim off some unnecessary parts of your video – these tools will help you to do just that.

  • Quality Enhancement

No matter how carefully you recorded your video footage, invariably there may be some small improvements that you want to make. For example, you may want to smoothen pixelated footage, stabilize shaky sections, correct interlaced video, or even just tweak the brightness, contrast, and colour. Suffice it to say, if you need to enhance the quality of your videos – the Movavi Video Editor has all the tools you need to do so.

  • Filters and Special Effects

To give your videos that little something extra you could add filters and special effects. Want to make your video look like an old movie? Thinking of altering its colour balance, or making it a split screen or picture-in-picture type video? There are a ton of options available for you to experiment with.

  • Audio and Music

No video would be complete without some background music, a voiceover, or something else entirely. The Movavi Video Editor will give you the ability to add audio tracks to your video or even capture sound from MIDI keyboards or other electronic instruments.

  • Insert Text

Want to add titles to your video? Or maybe you’d like captions or subtitles instead? If you want to add text, you can do so easily, for whatever purpose you need it.

The best part about using this video editor is that it is so intuitive and user-friendly that you’ll be able to take full advantage of all the features it has to offer. When you’re done, you can even utilize its helpful presets to save it in the optimal format based on the platform that you plan to use it on. Long story short – this is a powerful video editor that is tremendously easy to use.

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