How Is SMS Marketing Better Than Email Marketing?

If compared, there is a huge expansion in the quantity of cell phone users and web users, and it turns out to be very simple for marketers to reach their intended target group. The odds of getting great outcomes have gone high. It is undeniable thing that advertisers require some specific stage or medium to demonstrate their presence in the market, and fundamentally there are two crucial stages to do such. One is SMS Marketing, and another is Email Marketing. It has been years since these two critical connecting tools had first presented by the technocrats. Both are viable and proficient approaches to give out opportune data, offers, rebates, and so on to the clients related to the services and products.

The comparison of these two marketing forms is given as under:

  • Penetration

More than almost 70% of individuals across the world have cell phones, and just 40% are sufficiently lucky to get to the web. If research is to be believed there is a huge expansion in the number of cell phone users every year and it will surely push forward considerably in the times to come. While the rate of web clients is not expanding in contrast with the number of cell phone users. Thus, an SMS campaign and bulk SMS service provider in Mumbai is considerably more grounded and successful than an email campaign to contact the greatest group of the target audience.

  • Open rates

It is a known fact that almost 99% of instant messages get perused by the general population, which is way more than the response rate for emails. You can, without much of a stretch, comprehend that SMS surely has a better effect on individuals’ responses than email messages have.

  • Click Through rate

Click Through rate is the level of the general population who directs to the site of the advertiser by the means of the link as mentioned in the message. The normal percentage of SMS marketing is around 20% while for email is exactly 4%. The purpose behind this profound hole is that email comprises a long message before giving the link, while, SMS messages are short and to the point. Individuals don’t have sufficient energy to peruse the whole message and afterward click on the web link, so SMS marketing dependably has a high ground on email promoting.

  • Quality vs. Quantity

The content in the SMS messages is restricted and it simply leaves space for the crucial stuff while emails tend to have irrelevant information which risks losing the client. SMS campaigns can hold the client coming back with around 4-6 content campaigns every month. By virtue of email campaigns, there is no particular limit, and the more messages you send, the higher plausibility of a client understanding it.

  • The Cost of Operation

SMS campaigns may work out to be more expensive when you take at the per message cost yet you do spare cash on the costs that go with making emails. Email crusades require creative energy and planning. SMS ought to be made flawless as compared to emails. With only 160 characters of SMS messages, you can contact your target individuals more cost-effectively. Bulk SMS Mumbai can be of great help for your cost-effective SMS campaigns.

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