Essex TV Praised For Insightful EU Referendum Documentary

Essex TV’s recent documentary on the EU referendum starring Boris Johnson MP and various other public figures has been well received by the local community. Amidst what some have called the noisiest campaign, filled with exaggeration and misleading statements from both sides, many viewers have applauded Essex TV’s approach and presentation style.

Susan, from Harlow, said that the documentary really helped her get a clear view on things. “There was so much information coming from both sides, and a lot of silliness to be honest, I wasn’t quite sure what the facts were. A friend of mine mentioned this show and gave me a link, at first I thought it was just more information that I didn’t need and couldn’t really help me, but after watching it I felt like I understood what’s been going on a lot better. I’m not into the economy or politics or anything like that, but it gave me a clear view for both sides.”

And it’s not just members of the public singing praises of Essex TV, Tracey Knight of Colchester called the program and the channel at large a potentially disruptive force, “shaking the very foundations of storytelling and bringing a much-needed breath of fresh air to modern media”.

True innovation is about giving access to everyone that before was only available to a few. Whilst the internet has given many individuals access to information, it didn’t give them anything to help them sort through the ever-growing amount of data to the things that matter to them. Essex TV is one place where people can come and know that they are going to not only enjoy what they see but learn from it.

It seems that almost in spite of previous concerns around whether there was a space in the market for another online media provider, Essex TV is really filling out its niche, focusing on high-quality, insightful and enjoyable media across a range of topics. This strategy seems to be winning over the Essex community, placing Essex TV down as a go-to place for individuals who something fresh and useful.

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