Adapt2 Solutions – Reinventing The Power Trading Software Space

BID to BILL Systems Are Rapidly Becoming Obsolete

Adapt2 Solutions provides Enterprise Level Software Solutions to Power Traders in all nine North American ISOs.

Houston, Texas – July 2016

Adapt2 Solutions, a Houston-based energy software company announced it would be expanding its client’s independent operating system capabilities through the use of Enterprise Power Trading and Operations. They launched the KILLBID2BILL initiative in late May and on June 14th executed a webinar with the purpose of reinventing the ISO/RTO software space. The company, which prides itself on providing its clients with more expertise and know-how than larger software firms, while emphasizing personalized service for cost-effective solutions is proactively anticipating the needs of ISO participants. 

Alan Gunn, Vice President of Adapt2 Solutions had this to say, “Gone are the days of logging onto individual ISO websites to bid, obtain rewards, and review the bill. It’s time to change the game. Bid to Bill is a bullet point or a piece of functionality in a bigger solution. Bid to Bill is not a solution. We are going to roll out the six pillars of an Enterprise Power Trading and Operations (EPTO) Solution. As the energy markets evolve, we must evolve with them.”

About Adapt2 Solutions

Adapt2 was founded in 2008. They offer an array of services to electricity generators, asset managers, and retailers. Adapt2’s ability to innovate and work seamlessly with all 9 North American Independent Operating Systems makes them a leader in the energy software space. Adapt2 currently serves dozens of large firms with their enterprise-level solutions. Adapt2’s creative and inspired culture is what sets them apart.

To learn more about this evolution in the software space, ISO power trading software, or to book a demo, contact Adapt2 at 713-468-3001,, or visit the website at

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