Tips To Moving On To The Next Level In Candy Crush

Level 33 is considered to be the 13th level in Lemonade Lake, including the 17th jelly level. For qualifying this level, the player is required to clear sixteen jelly squares, to score a minimum of 32,000 points, in just 17 moves or lesser. When he/she has additional moves that are left in this particular level, Sugar Crush is said to activate Jelly fish that would eat the candies, which will help the player to get additional points.

The difficulty

The 33rd level is a tough on one in the game of Candy Crush. Most players tend to get stuck in this specific level. The very objective of this level is in clearing the 16 jelly squares. The candies, in this level are arranged in 2×2 squares that make it quite tricky for clearing the candies with the traditional 3 candy combinations. Moreover, the player is given just 14 moves, in which each single move does count and leaves very small room for errors. Also, the board’s arrangement eliminates the chance of availing the row of 5 candies. Hence, no colored ball would be there to assist the player in wiping out the larger chunks of this board. In short,

  • The player has only seventeen moves for clearing the sixteen double-jelly squares, in four little squares. This is quite tough for some of the players.

  • The board’s nature is that, it would be somewhat impossible for the player to develop color bombs, only if the player makes use of the boosters for availing the color bomb, in the beginning of the game. Moreover, special candies are indeed tough to create, especially the wrapped candies.

Solutions and strategies

Although Level 33 is quite challenging, it is possible for the player to defeat it. The very first tip for beating this level of candy crush is to begin from the bottom. In order to achieve it, the bottom jellies need to be eliminated initially. this way, the player would maximize the collateral damage that otherwise would take place at the top, while enjoying better results out of the limited moves, which candy crush offers him in this particular level.

The focus should be on clearing the jellies first from bottom squares. This would provide a chance for the cascades to take place at the upper squares that can have the jelly automatically cleared. The player needs to work only at the top level for clearing the final jelly or in creating special candies. One square is to be focused on. It could be better, if the player aims in clearing two jellies in every move. As a matter of fact, boosters are not of much assistance in the level. So it is better avoided. A good board needs to be treasured, since it would help in this level.

Another great tip would be to foresee the moves that are to be taken. Also, the bottom board should be tried not to run out of any move. It is vital as the bottom is stuck completely. The player needs to prepare himself for losing this level, since there is no virtual way for freeing it up, besides the striped candies. By doing the best for keeping the board alive, there are better chances of qualifying this level.

On exhausting all the moves that are present in the lower quadrants, the player might desire to make as much as wrapped and striped candy combinations as possible. The wrapped candies would blow up, when detonated more than a single jelly. Hence, the right scenario is in placing a wrapped candy in about 4 quadrants in the game board. By mixing wrapped and striped combinations, would also assist the player in defeating this level quickly.

Having just only fourteen moves and with no capability to make more than 5 candy combinations, this level undoubtedly, is one of the tough in the game. But, by using several fundamental strategies and tips is sure to assist the player in crushing the candy, while proceeding to the next level 34.

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