The Benefits Of Prepaid Mobile Plans

With mobile phones such an integral part of our lives, we need good plans for them. They could either be postpaid or prepaid. In postpaid mobile plans, the consumers sign a contract with the network company; it usually includes a fixed tenure that can be yearlong or more. In prepaid mobile plans, however, there are no contracts, it is more of a pay-as-you-go sort. They are paid in form of minutes and expire once the minutes are used up or when they have reached their expiry period.

Here are some of the benefits of pre-paid mobiles:

· Switching is Easy

Switching to a different mobile plan is much easier with a prepaid connection. After comparing sim-only prepaid mobile plans and making up your mind to switch, there is no fuss over it, which makes it much easier to switch to a new network, should it be worth it. In prepaid plans, all we need to do to switch is stop paying for the plan we have at the time and buy another one. That’s all it takes to switch, and it can be done any time too. As soon as you have used all your minutes, pay for a different prepaid plan. Unlike post-paid, you won’t have to wait for the contract to end, and then call in to cancel the plan.

And best of all, if you end up you’re regretting your decision then you can just go back to your old carrier as fast as you left them.

· It is Cheaper

Prepaid mobile plans also allow consumers to save money on contracts and purchasing minutes, things they usually have to pay for in postpaid plans. These plans give us the option to pay as you go so we pay for the minutes we need when we need them. In postpaid however, the contract is signed first, so we either have to guess the number of minutes we’ll consume in a month and then hope that they do not run out, or worry over using too many minutes and ending up using too little, with all the extra minutes going to waste.

· It Keeps Us In Check

If you have a postpaid plan, this always happens. We forget to keep track of our minutes and make way too many outrageous calls. We exceed the limit and then we end up paying more. Prepaid, however, keeps us in check, only allowing us to make necessary calls and helping us maintain our budget.

· No Unnecessary Nuisances

Prepaid plans save us from lots of irritating procedures. We don’t have to worry about bills every month, we don’t have to sign any contracts, we don’t have to pay fees for early termination and we don’t have to wait to reach a certain age to avail of the plan. Prepaid plans are easygoing with lots of flexibility. They also help parents with paying for their kids’ phones and limiting their usage. Also, you don’t have to pay your phone bills when you are not using it, and you can restart from exactly where you left off.

At the end, it is your choice as the consumer to avail of a prepaid plan or a postpaid one. But make sure to keep the pros and cons in mind.

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