The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones Technology

Mobile phones have changed our way of life to an incredible level. Whenever some old member of a family associates experiences about past ways of connections like beepers, mailing characters, and telegrams, the children of the Twenty-first millennium feel really amazed. It seems that the individuals pertaining to the experiences of telegrams are part of some other world. So, it is a fact that the mobile cell phone technological innovation has started a new era on world, which has uprooted the old-designed way of life entirely.

But, this does not mean that this technological innovation does not impact individuals adversely. Everything on the globe has two sides; pros and cons. The same goes real for cell phone technological innovation. Technological innovation is beneficial as well as disadvantageous. In this article, the benefits will be compared to the drawbacks in order to get a real understanding of the effects of cellular mobile phones on individual life.

The Benefits of the Technology

It is said that “phones have turned the globe into an international town.” The declaration seems exactly real. Residing in one area around the globe, we can talk to our family members residing in another area around the globe easily.
The mobile cell phone technological innovation has sped up small and big businesses. Company events all over the globe can connect with one another in a matter of a few moments. They can deal and decide quickly. Consequently, the corporate globe has been enhanced to an amazing level due to this technological innovation.

It has made individuals in touch with one another. In this way, cellular mobile phones have motivated individual connections.

To provide a network for connections, many individuals are needed to handle the obligations. Hence, many unemployed individuals have got good tasks for them due to this technological innovation.

The Disadvantages of the Technology

The greatest drawback of it is that this technological innovation has affected the natural way of individual connections poorly. People remain active with their tissues even when seated in a group of other individuals.

There are many experiences of individuals who met injuries due to keeping the focus on their mobile cell phone while driving. So, this is one of the greatest drawbacks of these gadgets.

Mobile cellular phones are used by scammers to notify one another about their unclean plans. And, their criminal activity techniques are developed using this technological innovation in most cases.

Mobile cellular phones have also enhanced up road criminal offenses and breaches of ethical principles. Plenty of wrongs, and so-called love experiences find their lifestyle through the neglect of this technological innovation.

Some recognizable ear and mind illnesses have appeared due to the excessive use of these gadgets. Moreover, vision problems have also been seen among many insane cellular users.

So, we can see that cellular mobile phones are not only useful, but they are also dangerous. Well, it will not be wrong to say that none of the technological innovation is dangerous by characteristics, this will depend upon us whether we use it favorably or adversely.

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