SQL Server Hosting Services: What To Look For

Choosing the right database server can be one of the most intimidating tasks for many. Database servers (SQL servers) play a critical role in storing data and making it easy to retrieve it remotely. This means you need a reliable and stable dedicated server host to not only help with running your business relatively easy but also helps protect valuable data from disaster and loss. It is for this reason you should look for the best and most affordable provider for SQL server hosting services. Although there may be dozens of companies to choose from, only a handful are capable of meeting most client’s needs. Looking into several of them should therefore help you find the right one to use.

Features Of SQL Server Hosting Services

1. Performance:

Performance (access speeds) matter a lot especially if many users will be accessing the data simultaneously. It would therefore be advisable to look for server hosting services offering unlimited speeds, and fast data access speeds to avoid lag. This means checking how much RAM the company offers in its dedicated server host packages. Most companies offer several packages that come depending on storage and server speeds. The more RAM you can have, the better it will be for your business.

2. Security:


Almost all company data and information will be stored under a particular hosting package or company. Your data security and safety, therefore, matter a lot when shopping for SQL server hosting services. Most companies however provide many layers of security (SSL) for their client data. The security level includes accessing company data, as well as during transmission. The more security regarding encryption there is, the better it will be for your company data.

3. Uptimes (Reliability):

Reliability is a common issue with many hosting companies today. Not many companies are capable of providing 99.9% uptime for their clients. Although this may depend on the operating system in use, Microsoft MSQL servers sometimes require a reboot to restore functionality or to clear system errors. This may be an issue for some clients, which is why you need to find out how frequently the reboots are done. Unix systems however rarely require a reboot to clear errors, as configurations can be saved automatically. Nevertheless, the least you can go for in terms of dedicated server host performance (uptime) should be 99.95%, as anything lower than that could be hurting your business.

4. Customer Support:

Be keen to check the company’s customer support system to determine how fast they are in responding to client/customer queries. Many companies fail miserably in this, as their customer support is almost always offline. You should therefore look for a hosting company with ever available customer support, and through several channels. Some companies connect with their clients using a chat feature, telephone, mail, or even through social platforms.

Shopping For Dedicated Server Host Online

These are the essential features and factors to consider when shopping for database server hosting services. Your company or site depends greatly on how well the dedicated server host will respond, which is why it is wise to go for the best. You however need to go for an affordable package for your company to get the value you need.

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