How To Use Purchase Intent Data To Enhance Your Marketing

Intent data is the information that helps in understanding the needs of clients, the information receives when individuals research a particular product or service. However, in the age of the internet, buyers complete their search on the internet before buying a product or service of their interest. Generally, buyers go through various sites and forums to know the public opinions and views before buying a product and they unknowingly leave the footprints that are called intent data.


One can purchase intent marketing data as it is classified into two categories: one is internal and the other is external. Internal data offers you information about the pages and links visited and other information like the time spent a page and so forth and is termed as first-party data.

However, the external data offers you information about the articles read by the users, the type of content they like and save for later use as well as the comments they drop sometimes. It is termed as third-party data.

In the following ways, the intent data can be used to improve the marketing tactics:

Reshuffling as Per Client’s Interest

You can sit with your marketing and sales team and structure the products based on interest, for instance, classified on the basis of the nature of the product and the urgency level of purchase.

Allow Customer Engagement Much Earlier

In the past, you used to ask the clients personally to get their views on a product, however, intent data will help you in engaging with your potential clients in the path of buying a product. Enhance engagement by allowing them to leave reviews on your product.

Improve Personalization

Once you are able to understand the exact needs of your clients, you are able to create a product accordingly. Alter the product using resources to match the client’s needs and even you can improve your reach to anonymous visitors on your site.

Marketing and Advertising According to the Intent Information

With the intent information, you can advertise your product according to the data generated, advertisements can be done based on their needs.

Reach Potential Customers

When you get the intent data through your vendors, it will help you to reach potential customers and you can plan your marketing strategy accordingly. You won’t miss your customers this way.

Understand Shortcoming

When you find your client’s needs, you can understand how much you are able to cater to the needs of the customers and improvise accordingly. 

To sum it up, intent data will help you plan your advertising and marketing and the companies can reach a better perspective. It’s good for your company as well as for your team. Look for the intent data and your business can improve.

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