How To Charge iPhone 6 Faster And Preserve The Battery Life

The iPhone 6 is providing better battery back-up than its ancestors specially the phablet which packs a greater battery than that of the smaller model. However, some die-hsrd users still face problems with their battery life in few situations. Fortunately enough, there are a number of casual tricks to help them charge the batteries quite faster than before.

  • You have to put the phone in the airplane mode to enhance the phone’s speed of battery charge. This is the first thing you need to do. By this, the phone will not show any notification, nor will it keep its search on for updating the apps or sites or search for signals. These are the activities that go on taking place even when the iPhone 6 charger is plugged and the charge is going on, reducing the battery life.
  • Moreover, the cases should have to be removed while it is charging to make the process faster than regular.
  • The display should remain off while the charge is going on.
  • 12W iPad charger can be used for your iPhone 6
  • Try to switch off the phone when you are charging it. This helps your phone to collect the charge without any outlet to lay it out even partially.
  • It is highly recommended (though not followed regularly) that your iPhone’s battery is power cycled atleast once in a month. The process refers to when you charge out your Iphone 6 completely i.e 0% and recharge it to its full capacity i.e 100%. When it’s being charged by the iphone 6’s charger or any other device, you the phone should not be used at all. This also helps in enhancing the longevity of your battery.

By following these tricks the iphone can be charged by 6% in a span of 5min while it attains only 3% if these steps are not used. These steps are really helpful to those users who have only few minutes to charge their phones.

Proper maintenance required to preserve the battery life

It is quite costly to replace your phone’s battery and we have to go to the service centre of Apple to do so. There are certain steps that one can do in order to enhance the span of the battery of his / her iPhone 6.

  • Avoid Extremes which have severe effect on the battery life

If one does not have any access to the power source, it is a good option to use a portable charger to keep the iphone battery healthy and happy. With the portable charger of iphone 6 it is quite easier to escape from going below 30% of the limit. This helps saving your battery file and span.

  • It is better not to drain the iphone battery completely.

It is dangerous to stay with the drainage of battery for a long time. It is better to avoid such situation. One must not let the battery capacity fall below 15%.

  • Keep the battery Cool

Due to electricity storage, heat is an enemy to the battery. High temperatures and extreme climate can harm your battery life permanently.

  • Avoid Wireless Charging

Keeping the phone on the charging mat for a long time might damage the battery life. It is rather better to use the proper iphone charger. But you don’t need to feel bad if you use it occasionally since it is a convenient and easy way to charge your phone.

There are a number of portable chargers that help to keep your iphone with 32GB memory card ready and at your service any time you want:

  • Monoprice battery and flashlight
  • Bracketron SmartLantern
  • i-Blason UnityPower
  • Limefuel Blast L60X
  • Zeox iPhone 6 battery case
  • Go Design TravelCard
  • Mophie powerstation plus
  • Lepow POKI
  • Zendure A2
  • Anker 2nd Gen Astro3

There are many online shopping stores that enable you to have these amenities along with an offer of Buy now pay Later to make your life easy.

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