How About The Different Safe And Secure MFA Biometric Solution For The SSO Software?

SSO is the abbreviation of Single Sign-on and SSO software means an independent software system that allows similar multi-access with a state-of-the-art layer of security. In other words, with a single set of your ID and password, you can access your multiple accounts and systems effortlessly. If you have ever noticed carefully while accessing your Gmail account on PC, for instance, you will read the message “One account. All of Google” at the top that is an instant reminder of the software.

SSO software – merits:

  • User centric software: This is a user-friendly software that sets the user’s free from memorising different sets of ID and passwords while logging into a network or a system. This is accomplished with the help of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). Therefore, the software saves time and easily login to a host of accounts or systems in the network.
  • Enhanced security and auditing: Organisations that have adopted SSO software can find an enhanced security of their profile. At the same time, their IT departments can successfully track the use of profiles within the network or systems and can avert major security breach and data loss.
  • Auto storage: It automatically saves passwords and IDs of the users in the UK directory submission after every successful login.
  • High conversion: SSO expedites login to a host of related sites or systems. In the process, it saves time and creates a splendid user experience. The system works fast and results in higher conversion rate befitting an organisation’s coveted goal than before.
  • Easy revoking of rights: Since the concept of SSO revolves around a single point data sharing for all in the network, a single click revocation of rights to  a user bans accessibility to the entire network or systems.   

SSO software – challenges:

  • A single point failure to recognise a user will deny access to the user to the entire network or systems.
  • There is no remote access component here. One can access to a limited to known or managed systems such as laptops and desktops.
  • It lacks in flexible security policies befitting an individual’s need.

However, the merits of SSO is so vast and enveloping that they outweigh the challenges here. Having said that, we mean SSO is good for improving the user experience, fast, reliable, and easy to access the network with an improved security.  

MFA Biometric solution:

MFA stands for Multi Factor Authentication and MFA Biometric solution is the new avatar in the field of SSO that envisages enhanced security bespoke to individual needs. It aims to provide biometric solutions such as biometric face for facial recognition and biometric finger for finger recognition or biometric voice for voice recognition to the password station administrators at the time of login. In consequence, the password station becomes highly secured.

Password station administrators allow users to decide and incorporate the biometric solutions on SSO bespoke to their choice and convenience. In other words, MFA Biometric Solution is poised to grow the security manifold to the SSO software.

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