Google Pixel 2: First Details Unveiled, Including A Rising Price

Details are published today by 9 to 5 Google regarding the next generation of Google Pixel 2. The group released its smartphone, accompanied by a Pixel XL, last autumn. This is a high-end model sold expensive, as much as an iPhone. The second generation should logically arrive in the fall of 2017.z Google would work a lot on the camera, although the current one is among the best on smartphones. In reality, this would be one of the important points of the new model. Google would look particularly at better photo taking in dark areas. Google would not race megapixels as well, but would rather focus on features.

Besides the photo, the Google Pixel 2 will have, quite logically, a better processor. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 seems the obvious candidate, but Google would also test alternatives. In reality, Google could do the same thing as Apple and Samsung with their smartphones, namely offer a homemade processor for better optimization. It was already working on the first model and the project seems to be moving forward this time.

The Google Pixel 2 is announced to have a price higher than the current pixel and resistance to water. But Google would also prepare a Pixel 2B, a less powerful model with a more affordable price to reach several regions.

The camera is good

The camera at Google Pixel 2 will be good, but after acquaintance with the smartphone there was a steady feeling that it is not the best in the premium segment. In my opinion, the iPhone 7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and Huawei P10 show better results. The main drawbacks of Pixel 2 exactly two: the lack of an optical stabilizer and a very noticeable noise in the night photos.

There is a strange moment: HDR + cannot be turned off once and for all. With each new activation of the “Camera” application, the mode is constantly turned into “auto” mode. And this means that it is not the user, but the automation of the smartphone itself decides when the software algorithm will be used. And it happens often.

Actually, this is the secret: it is HDR + that ensures the success of the Google Pixel 2 camera from foreign surveyors. The software algorithm works like this: in complex lighting or lack of light, the smartphone makes two frames with different brightness and in the background starts to unite them, displaying something average, and at the same time increasing the saturation of colors, because most people like it.

If the user is passionate about shooting, then it seems to him that everything happens almost instantly. In fact, Google has cheated: after shooting a frame with HDR gallery is unavailable for 3-4 seconds, although at this time and you can safely continue to photograph – the power of the processor and multi-core allow. Such a small cheating, which will now certainly take on arms and competitors.


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